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Job Description

The candidate must be an experienced CFO. Must be able to perform effective risk management and plan the financial strategy of the organization. The CFO must look after the revenues and profits of the organization for it to achieve full financial control and sustainable growth. The CFO must be well-versed in all aspects of financial management; from simple accounting to broad investment and banking operations. Leadership is essential because most of the relative organizational departments will be in the CFO’s purview.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Drives the organization’s financial planning

  • Performs risk management by analyzing the organization’s liabilities and investments

  • Decides on investment strategies by considering cash and liquidity risks

  • Controls and evaluates the organization’s financial plans and capital structure

  • Ensures cash flow is appropriate for the organization’s operations

  • Supervises all finance personnel of the organization and its affiliates

  • Manages vendor relationships

  • Prepares reliable, current and forecast reports

  • Ensures compliance with financial laws and company policies



  • Must be a CPA or CMA

  • Proven experience as a CFO, finance officer or relevant role

  • In-depth knowledge of corporate financial law and risk management practices

  • Excellent knowledge in data analysis and forecast methods

  • Proficient in MS Office and financial management software (SAP, Oracle, ERO, etc)

  • Ability to strategize and solve problems

  • Strong leadership and organizational skills

  • Excellent communication and people skills

  • With an Advanced Business Degree, MBA is an advantage

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Job Description
The Supply Chain Planner is responsible for monitoring and managing inventories, forecasting sales and production levels for needed materials. Must have skills in tracking inventory delivery, performance, and response time. Must be capable in handling capacity planning and other logistical projects. The role is important to the success of the operation; it is essential in meeting customer demand, increasing efficiency, decreasing waste and lowering costs. The Supply Chain Planner is the primary point of contact and works closely with production, sales, logistics, materials management, and suppliers to ensure alignment of supply and demand plans.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepares inventory strategy/plans.

  • Forecasts and projects inventory positions and financial implications

  • Facilitates collaboration meetings with vendors to review purchase forecasts, proposed orders and other operational issues

  • Resolves inventory in-stock issues such as but not limited to, depth, timing and efficient flow of inventory

  • Monitors movement of materials through purchasing, storage, production and retail distribution

  • Sets preferred stock levels and prevents excess inventory

  • Reviews supply to ensure quality of raw materials

  • Manages the purchasing processes and relationships with suppliers to maintain quality of goods, timely delivery, and compliance of terms of contracts

  • Creates and manages inventory budgets

  • Ensures inventory levels to meet the demand, and gathers date to prepare trends and forecasting reports

  • Designs and creates new tools to help, assist and improve planning functions of supply chain



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Logistics or any related field

  • Minimum 2 years experience working in logistics or supply chain management. Longer experience will be an advantage

  • Detailed and strong knowledge of logistics and inventory management

  • Technical knowledge and understanding of integrated software systems

  • Strong communication skills to interact with vendors, suppliers, customers and other supply chain team members

  • Advanced mathematical, problem-solving and analytical skills

  • Computer Proficiency

Barista worker


Job Description

The Restaurant Manager oversees the daily operations of a restaurant, hires and trains qualified staff members, and maintains high-food standards. Is responsible for developing a positive brand image through consistent customer service and strong understanding of restaurant protocols and best practices. Must have a good sense of professionalism and positive attitude, helping to contribute in the growth and success of the restaurant, as well as the long-term success of the employees.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversees and coordinates overall front and back-of-house restaurant operations

  • Trains staff and helps them meet restaurant’s standards and expectations

  • Writes daily budget reports for revenue and cost

  • Organizes stock inventory of restaurant supplies

  • Maintains safety and food quality standards

  • Handles customers’ concerns and complaints

  • Organizes working schedule and keeps track of employees’ working hours

  • Controls operational costs and identifying ways to cut cost

  • Evaluates performance of staff

  • Assists in sourcing, hiring and interviewing new employees

  • Interacts and builds positive rapport with guests to get feedback on product quality and service levels



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality of Hotel and Restaurant Management

  • At least 5 years of experience in the same position level

  • Experienced food and beverage practitioner

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Trained in food and beverage safetyKnowledge in inventory control and reporting

  • Clear attention to detail, problem solving and good decision-making skills

Engineer at Construction Site


Job Description

current operations and determine more efficient production processes. Core responsibilities include analyzing operations, designing work flows and production processes, reducing inefficiency, and ensuring that final product meet the established quality standards. Must be able to design and develop systems and production layouts that maximize productivity, reduce wasteful
production issues, cost-efficient, and ensures high product quality standards.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Evaluates current manufacturing processes and identify those that needs improvement

  • Manages production schedules and coordinates services to maximize productivity

  • Enforces quality control to reduce waste

  • Designs production processes that maximize and improve efficiency and reduce waste

  • Evaluates employees’ tasks and duties, identifies procedures or tools to improve productivity

  • Develops and implements process and technological improvements

  • Designs control systems to minimize costs and production issues

  • Reviews production schedules, processes, specifications and related information

  • Develops design and production standards in cooperation with concerned departments

  • Prepares material and equipment lists, purchase orders, cost analyses and estimated
    production costs

  • Designs the layout of facilities and determines personnel requirements

  • Trains staff for new processes and providing work instructions and manuals



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering or related filed

  • 3-4 years of relevant experience

  • Advanced knowledge or production machinery, processes and standards

  • Critical problem-solving skills

  • Strong communication and presentation skills

  • Trouble shooting skills and attention to details

  • Strong organizational and documentation skills

  • Proficient in MS office and AutoCAD



Job Description

The Engineering Supervisor is responsible for the overall work of the Engineering team. Aside from the Engineering Manager, he provides leadership, guidance, direction to his team members ensuring that projects meet quality standards and deadlines. He oversees various

works related to civil, plumbing, electrical, mechanical or IT projects.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensures that all safety procedures are in place and followed by all employees

  • Coordinates with other engineers to set priorities for projects and ensuring they are met accordingly

  • Reviews project proposals for determine feasibility, scope, cost estimates and time lines

  • Evaluates team members’ performance and provides feedback to help them improve their skills

  • Monitors projects to ensure works adhere to plans and specifications

  • Recommends new technologies for use in project based on cost, safety efficiency and other considerations

  • Reviews blueprints and other design plans to ensure safety and quality standards

  • Trains and supervises colleagues on construction sites



  • Bachelor’s Degree in any Engineering course

  • Licensed engineer

  • At least 3-5 years in the same position level 

  • Strong communication skills to be able to convey ideas and feedback clearly

  • Has good problem-solving skills especially in identifying issues and solutions

  • Meticulous attention to detail, especially with regards to safety

  • Strong analytical and numerical skills

  • Ability to work independently

  • Good teamworking abilities

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Highly creative and innovative

Nurse Talking to Patient


Job Description

The Company Nurse provides basic healthcare services to employees. Is responsible for promoting general employees’ health, assessment of exposure risks, aiding employees’
recovery, promoting health, and assisting injured employees. Role is to improve employee retention level and reducing healthcare costs. Must demonstrate teamwork, observation spirit, knowledge in company policies and must have good communication skills.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serves as the primary medical resource for the company

  • Coordinates with other healthcare facilities and individuals related to employee’s care, health and safety

  • Performs health assessments and develops individualized treatment plans

  • Provides medications and vaccinations

  • Refers employees to specialists as appropriate

  • Develops and implements health and safety programs

  • Provides emergency treatment in the workplace

  • Documents all employee injury and illness and keeps information confidential

  • Performs annual health assessments and administers over-the-counter medication to employees

  • Creates and maintains a clean and comfortable company clinic

  • Coordinates with HMO provider relative to medical services and annual physical examination

  • Attends seminar workshops for Gender Sensitivity, Family Planning, Stress Management and other medical related concerns



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

  • At least 2 years of experience as a licensed Registered Nurse

  • Knowledge and comprehensive Clinical Training in OSHA regulation

  • Knowledge in emergency procedures, first aid, CPR and emergency equipment

  • Knowledge in Microsoft Office tools

  • Ability to work independently, critical-thinking skills

  • Good networking with hospitals and other medical institutions

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills

Coffee Roasting Machine


Job Description

The candidate shall work on the development and manufacturing processes, and recipes of food and drink products. Ensure products are safe, and made in an efficient way and meets specific standards. Development of existing and newly-discovered ingredients in order to innovate new recipes and concepts. Also responsible in creating products that are healthy and works closely with the R&D team to develop ready-recipes based on development kitchen samples. Must be able to keep up with the ever-changing food production regulations and will be an essential part of the job.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensures food-processing areas comply with regulatory compliance and meet standards for sanitation and waste management

  • Supports new product, development and/or processes based on consumer feedback

  • Researches products, markets, and technology to improve existing brand/product offering

  • Ensures quality and safety of food products, finding substitutes for harmful ingredients

  • Collaborates with food production team for quality, safety, labeling, production, handling and distribution of food products

  • Develops, checks and approves specifications for product labeling

  • Compiles and prepares product costing for analysis information and profitability

  • Maintains accurate records to ensure smooth start-up for new products production processes

  • Audits suppliers and manages internal audits

  • Conducts experiments and produce sample products

  • Selects raw materials and other ingredients from suppliers

  • Liaises with procurement, sales, technical and marketing departments

  • Implements regulatory compliances relative to food safety and quality

  • Manages safety, compliance, and quality of finished products



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, Food Technology or any Food Science course

  • Licensed Food Technologist is an advantage

  • Meticulous attention to detail, especially with regards to food safety and hygiene

  • Strong analytical and numerical skills

  • Ability to work independently

  • Good teamworking abilities

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Highly creative and innovative

Blue Suit


Job Description

The personal butler is responsible for the overall upkeep of identified property. Must have keen organizational and communication skills. Role is to work closely with all household staff to meet the needs of the employer and his guests. Must be knowledgeable about facility services and shall serve as an attentive liaison between staff and guests.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provides excellent customer service to the employer and his guests

  • Maintains cleanliness and tidiness in all rooms and common areas of the house

  • Fosters a welcoming environment for guests of the employer

  • Inspects all facilities, common areas and rooms before guest arrival or following departure

  • Assists with replenishing house inventory, including but not limited to, food, cleaning materials, dishware, silverware, glassware, etc.

  • Anticipates the needs of the employer and his guests

  • Researches dining entertainment recommendations and makes reservations

  • Provides directions and information about local points of interest

  • Hiring and supervising household staff

  • Manages household staff and work schedules

  • Manages household budget, including house maintenance work

  • Performance of domestic tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, doing groceries, laundry or duties upon the request of the employer



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality, Hotel and restaurant Management or relevant course

  • Considerable experience in the same position level, at least 5 years

  • Certification in Safety Management and Food Safety is a plus

  • Excellent customer service skills, time management and organizational abilities

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills

  • Efficient in multi-tasking and organizational skills

  • Attention to detail and must be able to maintain positive attitude under stressful work conditions.

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